What to do next?

As said elsewhere on this site, there are several possible research routes.

BUT first, please consider registering your interest against one of the 58 ships, and let us know which one that is.

Research into a particular ship may lead you down multiple rabbit holes and you may discover new information about other ships. If so, please send it to us or add it as a comment to that ship on this site (you’ll need to register first)

If you’d like to take a broader approach then there’s the social and human history to be discovered, whether it relates to a period of time in the Navyard, a particular boat builder, a particular monarch or even some arbitrary factor – let us know what you’re thinking in case we already have some supporting information that may be useful..

There’s also the more abstract approach of creating new art based on naval, social or human history. One such example is the project’s theme song, written by Mick Verrier. (new video coming soon!)

How you participate is down to yourselves – our own researc hers will provide support and will verify any information discovered before adding it to the record on this site. But first please drop us an email through our Contact page. If you have decided to adopt a ship then please let us know that ship’s name (please remember the year if there are multiple ships of the same name).

If you would like to create art, then by all means let us know now but there’s no need. In fact there’s no timesale for this project.

Online Resources:

Three Decks

National Archives

Essex Record Office

National Maritime Museum

Royal Navy Museum

Lloyd’s Of London